Career Planning

Job Hunting?

People who are pro-active about planning and managing their long-term career know that it’s better to look for a job when they’re employed, but it’s not always easy to do that. This is where GameRecruiter comes in because we can do the kinds of searches that match you with the right company and advance your career.

What you can expect from us?

GameRecruiter’s team knows the top industry players and understands the hiring process. You can leverage your time by allowing us to assist with your employment search and long-term strategic career goal objectives.

We help you create a resume that presents your credentials correctly. We present your expertise to the appropriate decision makers, but only after we’ve jointly agreed to do so, and only if it meets your strategic career plan.

Our recruiters counsel you on your career path, suggest ways to strengthen your background to maximize future earnings, and ensure you attain the professional growth you desire.

A long term relationship with GameRecruiter will:

  • Maximize your compensation
  • Boost your career potential
  • Ensure your career is being managed professionally

All headhunters are the same, right?

Absolutely not! Most of them just scan job ads, match buzz words off your resume, and spam your information, often without asking your permission which can jeopardize your confidentiality. They claim expertise in the game industry but only know game company email addresses and aren’t on first-name terms with the big players or the final decision makers. They don’t take the time to:

  • Ensure you have communicated your strengths in your resume
  • Create an individualized career strategy with you
  • Present your qualifications professionally

We take the time, have the expertise, and know the players and decision makers.

Protecting Your Confidentiality

We present opportunities that match your goals and secure your permission before we present your credentials. There is never a point in your job search that you wonder what we are doing or who we are talking to on your behalf.

Game Industry Expertise

GameRecruiter was founded and is staffed by Game Industry professionals. We have first-hand knowledge and experience gained from working directly with game companies. We’re experts at helping candidates highlight their individual contributions and capabilities, and succeed in their interviews.

Connect with us to find out first hand why working with GameRecruiter could be one of the best career moves you make.

Our candidates pay no fees for our services and Confidentiality is Always Assured!

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