Your Facebook Profile – Your Picture


A picture paints a thousand words… so realize it is important to choose the proper profile picture for your Facebook page.  In my opinion, your profile picture is more important than your cover photo because it’s the image that represents you throughout the entire Facebook platform (news feed, posts, replies, etc.) Also, since we know your career and social life are affected by your Facebook presence, the last thing you seek to use is an image that makes you look depressed, using drugs or drinking alcohol, or a photo that makes you look like you have not taken a shower in weeks.  You could use the same photo you use on LinkedIn, but I suggest a more casual shot.  Tips:

  1.  Choose a photo that presents you in a positive light. Ask your friends and family to help you pick an image that makes a good impression or communicates personality, successful or happy feelings.
  2. Use a quality image that is at least 180 pixels wide and 180 pixels tall.
  3. Keep the image a single topic: YOU!
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