Job Hunting – Customize Your Facebook URL


Choosing a custom or vanity URL is totally optional, but it adds an extra level of professionalism and gives you a shorter, more memorable Facebook address.  When you initially open an account, the system will automatically assign you a unique URL that’s generally made up of random numbers and letters.  I suggest replacing this string with a URL that uses your name thus it becomes much easier to remember and locate you on the Facebook platform.   I customized mine to be: www.facebook.com/MarcMencher  How to Get a Custom URL:

  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Head to facebook.com/username to pick out a custom URL for your page.
  3. Alter the assigned URL to some combination of your name. If you have a common name you may have to get creative to find an available URL. Remember to keep the URL short and sweet and as close to your name as possible.
  4. Make sure your new URL is easy to pronounce, spell, and remember.
    Don’t add “.com” to the end.
  5. Be careful what you choose as your username/URL, because you can’t edit or delete it once you claim it!
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