Keep Your Job Hunt Discreet –Your LinkedIn Profile Settings


Keep Your Job Hunt Discreet –Your LinkedIn Profile Settings
When you make any additions, or change to your LinkedIn profile, notifications saying that you have done so are posted out to your entire network of connections.  Receiving several of these notices about your profile is a telltale sign to recruiters, employers and the entire LinkedIn network that you’re job hunting.  I STRONGLY suggest you adjust these settings.  The privacy settings are easy to find: Just sign in, and then select: the me me (pulldown).  Navigate to ‘Settings & Privacy’.  You are presented with 3 main options: Account, Privacy, and Communications.  I recommend changing the following settings.

  1. Manage Active Status – Here you can change who can see you when you are active on LinkedIn. You can specifically block profiles.  HIDE your activity status from your current CEO, Boss or Work Associates.
  2. Who Can See Your Connections – While you could allow all your LinkedIn connections to see your entire network, I recommend the ONLY YOU option.  Members will still be able to see connections who endorse you and connections they share with you unless you turn this feature off also.
  3. Sharing Profile Edits – Change this option to NO! This will stop all your activity broadcasts, so the entire LinkedIn network is not notified when you make profile changes.
  4. Profile Viewing Options – Here you can change what others see when you view their profile. LinkedIn’s default setting will show your name and headline. This is not helpful if you’re operating in stealth mode.  Choose the Anonymous / Private option so other LinkedIn members do not know you looked at their profile.
  5. Notifying Connections When You’re in The News – Select YES and let your connections know when you are mentioned in the news, articles or blog posts.
  6. Who Can See Your Last Name – It’s a big turn off to hide your last name from people on a networking site.  It creates a negative vibe; What are you hiding?  Make sure your Full Name is showing so folks on and off LinkedIn can easily find your profile.
  7. Sharing Your Profile When You Click Apply – Choose if you want to share your profile with a Job Poster when you click apply to a LinkedIn job ad.
  8. Let Recruiter Know Your Open to Opportunities – I would select NO. I don’t want a ton of Recruiter’s approaching me daily.  If you select Yes, LinkedIn does try not to show your current company that you’re open to recruiters, but can’t guarantee privacy.
  9. Who Can Discover Your Profile via Your Email Address or Phone Number – I would choose the EVERYONE option. Why make it difficult to find you on LinkedIn?
  10. Salary Data on LinkedIn – I would NOT fill this out.  You seek to learn about all career opportunities. Want to know more about me?  Connect and Ask!
  11. Profile Visibility off LinkedIn – Select YES and allow your profile information to be shared by permitted services such as search engines like Google.
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