Job Hunting – A LinkedIn Profile that Gets Attention – Recommendations


Ask for a Recommendations! Recommendations are a vital component of your LinkedIn profile.  They land as References or Endorsements of your work abilities and skills.  Recommendations carry a lot of weight.  Often, before you are selected for an interview a recruiter or hiring manager will check you out on LinkedIn to see who is recommending you.  You want Recommendations from co-workers, supervisors, or even clients affirming your skills, accomplishments and positive work style.  Avoid posting generic recommendations like: “Marc was great to work with”.   You seek a more detailed recommendation with facts and figures like: “Marc found the Server Game Programmer we were seeking within 3 weeks of being assigned the search.  His ability to move quickly allowed us to release our product on time and avoided a $1 million-dollar penalty”.   When asking for a Recommendation, don’t be afraid to specify what you’d like the recommender to focus on.   People tend to only remember their own contributions, not what their work friends do.  Therefore, I would encourage you to help the person you have approached for a Recommendation by providing them a draft of what you suggest they could write on your behalf.  Give them all the relevant facts and figures so they do not have to remember nor research.  Refresh their memory tubes on what you accomplished when you worked together.  Make it easy for someone to edit, customize or create a powerful Recommendation.

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