Job Hunting – Designing a LinkedIn Profile that Gets Attention – Your Photo

3 Marcs


Your photo is a very important part of your profile.  Surveys show that employers are turned on by a Head Shot.  The likelihood that your profile will get viewed increases 10-fold with the proper image.  Choose a photo with just your head and shoulders.  If you can’t find an image you like, then hire a professional photographer.  Tips for your photo:

  1. Your photo should be only you. Do not include your spouse, children, pets, etc.
  2. Use a current picture so people aren’t surprised when they meet you in person.
  3. SMILE – Select a photo in which you appear friendly in an authentic way.
  4. Dress in a professional manner that is appropriate for your industry. Typically, this means a dress shirt or blouse, a shirt, and tie, or even a suit.  However, in the Game Industry, for example, a suit would be overkill and look odd.
  5. Avoid white; it can make you appear washed out.
  6. Avoid busy backgrounds, standing against a solid-colored background is best.
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