Job Hunting – Designing a LinkedIn Profile that Gets Attention – Your Headline


Change your headline!  Don’t allow it to default to your boring work title.  You want to tell people what you do while also being compelling enough to make people want to learn more about you.  Especially if your job title is different from the industry norm or does not contain the words normally used when searching for someone who does what you do, use the Headline area to add the proper title.  This area is also great for adding your specialties, industry focus or what you are known most for.

  • Software Engineer – you’re a Game Programmer specializing in Rendering or Server, etc.
  • Animator – you’re an Animator specializing in 3D or 2D or CGI or Rotoscoping, etc.
  • Game Designer – you’re a Designer specializing in Level or Content or Systems or UI, etc.
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