Job Hunting – Designing a LinkedIn Profile that Gets Attention – Summary Section


What is your Competitive Advantage?  What makes you a Better Hire than others?  With your target audience in mind, use the Summary section to succinctly showcase your specialty or value proposition.  The more specific you can be about what sets you apart from the competition, the better.  Ideally, your summary should be ~ 3 paragraphs long.  Present as much information as you can without losing the readers interest.  Suggestions:

  1. Bulletize or highlight key skills, qualifications and the results you achieved.
  2. Write in a way that allows for your personality to shine. Avoid writing in 3rd person or lengthy explanations as this often lands as negative for the reader.
  3. Include numbers or facts that prove success and establish credibility.
  4. Show examples – LinkedIn lets you add photos, videos, and presentations to your summary.
  5. Add contact information like your email and telephone number here. Don’t make it difficult to reach out to you.
  6. Struggling with what to add to the Summary section, locate several job ads for the position you’re after. Make sure the words, phrases and industry jargon that is used is sprinkled throughout your summary.
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