Job Hunting – A LinkedIn Profile that Gets Attention – Work Experience


Job Titles don’t really tell the full story of what you do, therefore work experience descriptions are important.   I am not a fan of trying to get my profile to exactly mirror my resume.  A resume is too much data to share.  Most people are interested in quickly checking you out.  You have less than ~1 minute of their attention, so I try to create a profile that with a glance establishes credibility and communicates my value and ability.  Use this space to summarize some of your achievements in each of the jobs you have held.  Suggestions:

  1. Tell a succinct story of how you did it and back it up with facts or figures.
  2. Use the keywords and industry jargon.
  3. Describe what you do, using action words such as led, grew, managed, etc.
  4. Use the present tense for your current job and past tense for previous jobs.
  5. Don’t overdo Bulletizing or Bolding. Don’t make your profile daunting to read!
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